Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc.

Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc.
Drive your heart,
Power your life
Fitipower is not only a pioneer in display chips and power management, but we also specialize in providing products and solutions for the ever-evolving display screens and various electronics. Our dedication to excellence, continuous validation and process improvement has made our products and ideas popular with customers around the world.
Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc.
Drive your heart,
Power your life
Our many customers are based around the world and the chips designed for them and manufactured by specialist foundries are used in a wide range of end markets such as consumer electronics, automotive electronics, communications and networking, various industrial and commercial applications and the Internet of Things. With such a diverse array of end-use requirements, Fitipower's operations are stable and growing.
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Sharp vision
Global system semiconductor fabless company.
Excellent technology
Specializes in advanced controllers and odule solutions.
Plenty of energy
We supply products that can be the optimal solution.

Fastest Growing Fabless Company

Fitipower Integrated Technology Inc. is focused on designing chips for our customers. Through key product development and mergers and acquisitions, we are a leader in various types of display screen design ICs and power management ICs. As the world advances through artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), the products we design or the services we render give our customers and partners a deep understanding of Fitipower's dedication to performance and value.

As the world embraces the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, we are poised to take a leading position in the field of vision.

Fitipower develops semiconductor circuits and technologies that bring infinite possibilities for innovation and design to a wide range of devices. Whether for work, entertainment, education, chatting or streaming, Fitipower designs chips for all types of display screens, bringing users ultra-fast performance, intelligence, high resolution and ultra-low power consumption.

Fitipower Shares Are an Attractive Investment for Semiconductor Innovations

Being outstanding in the industry and delivering good financial performance is the constant goal in our mind.

Fitipower believes that sustainable development is a journey without an end

On the road of sustainable development and promotion, the seeds we sow can not only grow forward hand in hand with our partners, but also the fruits we grow along the way can provide us with the energy to move on to the road of sustainability again when we encounter turning points and twists and turns during the journey.
We not only focus on the field of display drivers, but also provide customers with more choices in fields such as power management, niche ICs, and IOT.
Keep innovating
We provide more complete solutions to customers to meet the changing needs of the market.
Talent is the foundation of Fitipower, and Fitipower grows strong because of talent.
We are ambitious, we are down to earth and innovative, and we meet together to brainstorm, and become a team because we share the same values.
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